“What I've never lost” (86') portrays the trajectory of a singular artist that occupies an inventive place in the Brazilian music. Alzira E moves across various musical styles from regional to experimental in the 70’s and 80’s to blooming in her sixties leading a rock band. 
Born in a small town close to the Brazilian Pantanal region and the Paraguayan border, Alzira began in music within her family circle. The artist migrates to São Paulo and becomes part of its avant-garde artistic movement, which brings to the film a lysergic atmosphere. 
Through the making of the movie, the artists embark on a rediscovery trip through the rivers of the Pantanal region, their own borders, the creative energy of the now, that which is never lost, the course of Alzira E.  
- World Première: 22º BAFICI - Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (Official Selection - Argentina - March 2021)
- European Première: 61º Krakow Film Festival (Official Selection - Poland - May 2021)
- Brazilian Première: 13º IN-EDIT Brasil (Jury Prize for Best Documentary - Brazil, June 2021)
- 16ª CINEOP - Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto (Official Selection - Brazil, June 2021)
- SANFIC 17 - Santiago International Film Festival 2021 (Official Selection - Chile, August 2021)
- 3º Cabíria Festival – Mulheres e Audiovisual (Official Selection - Brazil, October 2021)
- 27º Womex Porto (Film Programme - October 2021)
- 19º IN-EDIT Barcelona (Spain - November 2021)
- 36º Festival del Cinema Ibero-Latino Americano de Trieste (Official Competition - Contemporary, Mundo Latino - Italy, November 2021)
- 33º Girona Film Festival (Official Selection - Spain, November 2021)
- 12º FESTin Lisboa 2021 (Official Selection, Mostra Cinema Brasileiro - Portugal, November 2021)
- 9º FIDBA, Buenos Aires International Documentary Film Festival (Official Selection - Argentina, December 2021)
- 29º Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (Official Selection - USA, March 2022)
- 30º MEDIAWAVE International Film and Music Gathering (Competitive Selection - Hungary, May 2022)
- 26º Inffinito Brazilian Film Festival (USA, September 2022)
- 22º New York Latino Film Festival (Competition Session - USA, September 2022)
- Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the 13º IN-EDIT Brasil | 2021
- Nominee Brazilian Society of Cinematographers (ABC) Trophy Best Editing Documentary  (Marina Thomé) and Best Sound Editing (Victor Jaramillo, Ricardo Zollner, Simone Alves e Ariel Henrique)

- Best Editing and Best Sound Editing (17ª edição do Festival de Cinema do Vale do Ivinhema, Brazil) | 2022
Director, Editor & Director of Photography: Marina Thomé
Executive Producer: Marcia Mansur  
Sound Recording: Victor Jaramillo
Editing Consultants: Idê Lacreta & Renato Vallone
Sound Design: Ricardo Zollner & Marina Thomé
Sound Editor: Simone Alves

Color: Samanta do Amaral
Post Production: Quanta Post 
Assisting Editor: Guilherme Leandro
Researchers: Naiara do Carmo,
Rodolfo Ikeda, Vitor Santi
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