RED SKIES is a co-production between Portugal and Brazil in its final development stage. The project took part in the Archè development residency (Portugal) and DokLab Navarra (Spain). The DokLab Navarra consisted of a 2-week immersion for script development and one-a-one mentoring sessions that will run until March 2023, focusing on co-production strategies. 
The film has also participated in pitchings at Porto/Post/Doc (2021) and at Ji.hlava Documentary Film Festival - New Visions Forum, where it got the Documentary Association of Europe Award (2022) which includes consultancy sessions with senior experts associated. 
At Ji.hlava Film Festival the project participated in the Matchmaking Accelerator industry program and was presented in one-a-one meetings with distributors and film festival programmers. 

Diagnosed with breast cancer, Marina leaves in search of natural disasters in Portugal, the land of her grandmother. While sculpting clay and reinventing her own body, Elena receives her letters.


In 2018, there were an estimated 2.1 million new diagnoses and 627,000 deaths from breast cancer worldwide. The biggest pandemic of the century could aggravate this picture even more, due to the reduction of routine exams and the postponement of surgeries.
An independent study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) points out that by 2030 cancer could be responsible for the death of one million people a year. “One of the most worrying aspects is the fact that the mortality rate in Latin America (42% in Brazil and 61% in Bolivia) is practically double that of developed countries (global average of 23%) due to the lack of access to adequate treatments and early diagnosis. According to the Latin American Union Against Women's Cancer (União Latino-americana Contra o Câncer da Mulher - ULACCAM), in Latin America, a woman dies every three minutes from breast cancer and diagnosis is up to five times later than in more developed countries. Among Latin American women, the most common type of cancer is breast cancer.  
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