Gary sells balloons on New York subways and dreams about learning magic. Filmed conversations get the Brazilian documentary filmmaker closer to this Brooklyn resident from a Cuban background, that in long underground routes questions himself about his way of navigating this world. DOC | 2017 | 10'
38º VISCULT Ethnographic Documentary Film Festival (Finland, 2018)
27º Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival;  Curta Cinema (Brasil, 2017)
11º Atlantidoc – Uruguay International Documentary Film Festival (Uruguay, 2017)
12º MiradasDoc – International Documentary Film Festival; Official Selection (Spain, 2018)
11º Porto7 – Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens do Porto (Portugal, 2018)
8º Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, Seleção Oficial (USA, 2018)
6° Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Medellín – FICME (Colombia, 2018)
8º Curtas em Flagrante (Portugal, 2018)
5º Festival Mundial de Cine de Veracruz (México, 2018)
2º Mostra Sesc de Cinema Paulista (Brazil, 2018)
Direction, Photography & Edition: Marina Thomé  |  Sound Editor: Vinícius Leal  |  Assisting Editor: Guilherme Leandro  |  Produced by Estúdio CRUA

Special thanks to Theatre of the Oppressed NYC

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