In Minas Gerais, Brazil, bell sounds set the pace of life of the residents of the historic cities, announcing the time for working, resting, prayer, and celebrations. The bell ringers, characters from the top of the towers, also learn how to inform deaths, births, fires, masses and time. The bell rings of today are known to have transformed over the centuries from their colonial origins and have mixed with the strong African heritage in Brazil. The documentary is a poetic and visual representation of religious experience in everyday life and seeks to communicate the symbolic universe of intimate faith and cities, where the sound of bells is still reverberating. | DOC | 2017 | 70' ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​27º Biarritz Festival Latin America (Official competition - France​, 2017)
42º Margaret Mead Film Festival (Official Selection - New York, 2018)
17º Boston Latino International Film Festival 2018
1º Festival of Ethnographic Film of Pará (Brazil - Pará, 2017)
48º International Market Visions du Réel, Media Library Doc Outlook (Switzerland, 2017​)
32nd Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara, Market Screenings Guadalajara Film Market (Mexico, 2017)
2º Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival (Portugal, 2017)
21º Florianópolis  Audiovisual Mercosul (Brasil - Florianópolis, 2017)
1º Mostra Sesc de Cinema Paulista (Brazil - São Paulo, 2017)
8º International Ethnographic Film Festival of Recife (Brazil - Pernambuco, 2017)
7º Fluminense Heritage Week Memory On The Movement (Brasil - Rio de Janeiro, 2017)
9º Visualidades (Brazil - Ceará, 2018
5º MAAM Muestra de Antropología Audiovisual de Madrid no Museo Nacional de Antropología (2018)
3º Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival  AWARD (Frankfurt, 2018)
Special Award of the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival (Germany, 2018)
Best Anthropological Documentary and Best Transmedia Project of the V Muestra de Antropología Audiovisual de Madrid (Spain, 2018)
Honorable mention | 2nd Heritales - International Heritage Film Festival (Portugal, 2017)
Official Jury Award Best Documentary |  21º Florianópolis  Audiovisual Mercosul - FAM (Brazil, 2017)
Best Cinematography | 1ª Mostra Sesc de Cinema Paulista (Brazil, 2017)
Best Ethnographic film | Jornadas de Antropologia John Monteiro - Unicamp (Brazil, 2018)
Directors: Marina Thomé & Marcia Mansur  |  Director of Photography: Marina Thomé
Sound Recording: Renato Cortez   |   Editors: Marina Thomé & Fernando Muñoz
Executive Producer:  Marcia Mansur  |   Sound Editor: Vinícius Leal   |  Color: Marmo Entretenimento
Distributed by Documentary Educational Resources, a Boston-based company.
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